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November 14th, 2023 


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Early release - November 8th to November 17th

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Welcome Back!
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Greetings Vinci Park Families,
Dear Vinci Park Families:
   I welcome you all to the 2023-2024 school year! I am so excited about our upcoming year, and look forward to seeing you in a few short weeks. Whether you are a returning family, or a new family we are all excited to see you at Vinci Park School. I certainly hope you and your child have had an enjoyable
summer and are now ready to begin a new and exciting year. This time of the summer is filled with eager anticipation for kids; new school supplies and accessories, new students, potential friendships, new teachers and much more. I am excited to be returning to school and starting another exciting and
adventurous year at Vinci Park. I am honored to be working with an incredible group of teachers and support staff at Vinci Park. We are committed to our students’ academic growth as well as their social and emotional well-being. The weeks before students return for a new school year is a fun and exciting
time for us all!
   With the return of this school year I plan for us to focus on strengthening our community, resetting expectations, and returning to the routines, practices, and events that we held prior to Covid. It’s an exciting time of opportunity that I am grateful to share with each of you. All of us at Vinci Park are committed to,
* First and foremost, we must and will continually strive to raise the achievement levels for all students to their highest potential. Together with our teachers, your support in this area is most important.
*  Provide extended learning opportunities including before, during and after-school programs that will address our at-risk students, as well as enrichment programs for higher achieving students.
*  Build and engage the larger school community, including parents and business leaders, to enhance the learning experience for our children through our community organizations such as the Vinci Park PTA, the School Site Council, and the English Learner Advisory Committee. A strong partnership between home, school, and the community is critical for everyone’s success. More than ever, we strongly encourage and need you to get involved. We ask that each of you make a concerted effort to volunteer at Vinci Park at least 10 hours this year. That’s 1 hour per month. Your support and involvement will benefit your children and our school community in many ways. 

   With that, please be sure to look at the dates and times of our upcoming events and put them on your calendar now!
   I look forward to meeting each of you and your children. Please feel free to contact the school office at 408-923-1970 if you have questions. Good luck and many good wishes for the new school year.
Parisa Nunez
Vinci Park Elementary 

Points of Pride

For the past thirty-nine years, Vinci Park School, has been dedicated to educating the whole child. Vinci Park School provides an education that fosters academic and personal growth in a nurturing and caring TK-5 atmosphere.

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