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1st Grade

Meet our First Grade Staff
Room 7
Mrs. Simpson          
Room 18
Room 12
Room 17

         1st  Grade           

 The first grade teachers at Vinci Park School love teaching first graders. We provide warm and nurturing classrooms where students enjoy discovering and exploring all kinds of activities. We use a variety of teaching styles and materials to meet the needs of students' learning styles. It is important to us that every student gets excellent instruction, practice time, and the help he/she needs to be successful.

  To meet the State English-Language Arts Content Standards, we use the Houghton Mifflin reading and language arts series, a literature based series that provides a foundation in phonics as well. The Harcourt Brace Math series is aligned with the State Mathematics Content Standards. Students receive instruction in addition and subtraction concepts, building numbers to 100, comparing and ordering numbers, number patterns, graphing, counting and using money, problem solving telling time, as well as some very basic geometry, measurement, and fraction concepts. The children study social studies and science also. Some of the units we work on are: maps, matter, weather and animal and plant cycles and habitats. Coordinating these activities which we find from a variety of sources with the District adopted Houghton Mifflin Science and Scott Foresman History/Social Science programs help us meet the State Science and History/Social Science Content Standards.

   The Title I instructional associate provides extra help in reading and math to some students in either a small group or individual setting, reinforcing the current concepts each teacher is teaching. Other students receive assistance in before and after school Supplemental Instruction (SI) programs.  Primary language assistance tutors assist English language learners in their primary language. This helps students to feel comfortable and be open to new learning experiences.

    At Vinci Park School, teachers love guiding first grade students through many valuable kinds of learning experiences. It is our goal to lay a foundation of solid basic skills and study habits while instilling a love of learning within each child.  

     Come take part in an exciting school year with us!!

                   Take a look below at child's day and a couple of programs we think your child will enjoy.



The schedule to the left is an outline
 of the school day except for Thursday.
Thursday has an adjusted schedule to
allow for teacher training, collaboration
and meetings.  Student dismissal on 
Thursday is 1 PM.



First Graders at Vinci Park School
participate in the library program.
Every second week, they get to
choose a book to take home.
They also have a biweekly dance
class during which they explore
different ways to use their bodies.