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4th Grade

Welcome to 4th Grade!

Vinci Park's 4th grade program has an exciting curriculum that will help each student to maximize his or her potential.  We have an outsatnding, hardworking and very dedicated grade level staff.
Ms. Walls Room 23
Mrs. Stone  Room 29
Ms Kwan  Ms Edwards  Room 25 (4th and 5th combo)
 4th Grade Assignments
Spelling words and Reading vocabulary words
 Our students are involved in different activities, which include Art, Instrumental Music, and P.E.

    Hands-on activities, encouraging creative thinking, learning self-respect and respect for others, appreciating cultural diversity, and taking pride in Vinci Park's cooperative spirit will lead to a happy and motivated student!!!
    (Don't forget to eat a well-balance meal each and every day --remember 5-A-Day)
 Meeting the varying needs of students: Teachers do all they can to meet the wide range of needs of our students.  Examples of differentiated instruction include:

  • Title I assistance for students in Reading and/or Math
  • English Language Development differentiation for our students who are still in the process of learning English
  • Accelerated Reading and Accelerated Math